Building on simplicity
iBinder has emerged from a need for simplification. A working Project management system requires that the users understand and want to use the system. This, in its turn, is building on simplicity. It has to be simple to do the right thing and find the right thing. And inversely, hard to make errors. That is why we started with the best and most well-tried model, the ring binder. iBinder imitates the binder’s design and is based on the same simple, intuitive logic. The starting point was the document management of the construction business, since this is where the most complex and complicated projects take place. A system that can deal with the needs of the construction business, can handle every other business just as well.
Record growth
We, the people behind iBinder, come from the construction business and we have, in addition to complex projects, a code of honor not to pride ourselves. That is why we hesitate to present these numbers:
  • In two years, the number of users has grown from 50,000 to 100,000
  • Every day, twice as many projects are started compared to last year.
  • During 2012, the system was established in Denmark with the same positive progress.
What’s interesting with these numbers it not what they do to our pride, but what they do for you. It is a guarantee for the principle: Simple usage = Guaranteed usage = Guaranteed success

Welcome to a simpler life

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The iBinder crew

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